Venture Centre is about  people finding people  and ideas finding ideas.

It is an organisation newly created in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, to deliver exceptional value to people on their journey to prosperity.

Our goal is to connect  the people, places, tools, resources, knowledge and support needed for sustainable success.

It is the start of a project that sits at the intersection of supply, demand, private enterprise and life-long learning.

Powered by people

We are surrounded by a broad, deep and growing community of students, teachers, employees, professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors.

They are creating great companies, tech hubs, shared offices, co-working spaces and centres of learning.

We are a part of this burgeoning community where serendipity happens frequently.

Our success is entirely dependent on the strength and connectivity of our community and its success.

Our Adventures are Challenging

The world has many problems that need to be solved by clever people, often enabled by technology.

Our community has the talent needed to rise to the occasion.

Venture Centre aims to provide clear pathways for our people to build, test, measure, learn and improve those solutions, then take them to the world.

We are committed to

  • being inclusive, collaborative and transparent
  • connecting and helping tenacious, talented people
  • curating and delivering opportunities for learning and collaboration
  • promoting and creating exciting, customised places for people to meet, work, build and thrive
  • working with the very best people in the world, in heart, skill and character.

Our mission

Find people who want to pursue the life-long learning adventure that is 'private enterprise', solving problems for people and increasing wealth and wellbeing.

We will then:

  • connect them,
  • enable them with technology,
  • promote & provide opportunities for them to learn and use the tools they'll need on their adventure,
  • equip them with the drive and capability to explore the world and make a difference,
  • support them as their adventure unfolds.

We believe

Passionate, talented people who love what they do create great families, jobs, companies and solutions to the world’s problems.

What do you believe?

We spend time listening to the students, employees, entrepreneurs, employers and investors in our network. Together we build our understanding of what is needed and wanted to succeed: people, places, tools, resources and support. Join our conversation. Add your suggestions, ideas, requests and comments below:


Share this adventure with us.

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