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Angel@mytable, Feeding Capital Relationships, is based on the TV show ‘Dragons' Den’ where entrepreneurs pitch to a panel of investors but with a twist!

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Angel@mytable, Feeding Capital Relationships, is based on the TV show ‘Dragons' Den’ where entrepreneurs pitch to a panel of investors but with a twist!

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Venture Centre runs Angel@mytable events around New Zealand to further its goal of connecting people with people who can make a difference to our country by starting and scaling new enterprises.

These events help to demystify the entrepreneur-angel relationship. They are NOT pitching events. They are designed to create relationships and understanding.

The events are sponsored and can comprise the following elements:

Damsels' Den: Based on the TV show ‘Dragons' Den’ where entrepreneurs pitch to a panel of investors. Venture Centre flips the concept so that angel investors are in the spotlight. Each angel on a panel of four has five minutes to pitch to entrepreneurs why they should consider each of them, and their preferred investment methodology or approach, the most effective. Entrepreneurs then get to vote, and in so doing give valuable feedback to the investor community about where they see the value of angels to their businesses.

Venture Centre works with the Angel Association of New Zealand to create the panel who are investor members of formal angel groups from all over the country.

Table Topics Dinners: This is usually a more intimate and discrete event involving smaller numbers, 8-10 entrepreneurs seated at tables including two angels from different angel group. The evening is facilitated in a 'speed dating' style to ensure fair and equitable participation by all present. Topics include general angel investor background and style, elements of the investment process where angels agree and where they differ.

Nightcap connections: Usually follows on from the Damsels Den – angel investors get to flip the table back around, pick the ten most interesting questions received from the audience of entrepreneurs at the Damsels' Den and invite the enquirers for a nightcap and a short, but more intimate conversation. Angel investors have the opportunity to meet and get to know entrepreneurs who they think are an interesting match for their investing methodology or approach and find out more about their background, interests and team.

Getting behind an Angel@mytable event

Benefits for sponsors: Create, Develop and Improve your Credibility, Build Trust and Establish Rapport.

Getting involved with an event of this nature and being seen as dependable and supportive to the market of emerging and early-stage companies and investors will accelerate the process. Being at an Angel@mytable event is important but standing out in the crowd by becoming a sponsor highlights you and your business with the captive audience and those reached through the events' marketing.

Highly Targeted Marketing

Angel@mytable has in attendance both entrepreneurs - the business leaders of tomorrow and angel investors, high net-worth, highly connected individuals.
It may be possible to target an Angel@mytable event to a specific segment – e.g.; technology, or agri-tech focused entrepreneurs and angels.

Leveraged Lead Generation

The majority of attendees are highly connected at the innovative and industry ends of their domain with people with similar business interests. Your reach via an Angel@mytable event extends beyond the people in the room. You may be recommended to their connections as well.

Media Exposure

All events have marketing activities to ensure a well-attended event. Sponsors benefit from promotion throughout the process from event launch to the 'long-tail' of online content that exists beyond the event. Some events have local media support; others may offer national campaigns. Sponsors may be asked to comment and give interviews pre, during and post event.

Brand Awareness & Recognition

Brand placement on posters, flyers, direct mail, brochures, webpages, email marketing campaigns, tickets, signage, pop-up banners at the event etc. increase brand awareness and communicate that the sponsor values and supports audiences at the event.

Sales & New Business Partnerships

Display new products or allow people to buy on site by including a limited quantity or special discount/event offer.

Venture Centre also facilitates professional relationships with other sponsors, vendors, speakers.

Supporting your Community and Giving Back

Larger more established corporations who choose to get involved at these local events demonstrate clearly that they are genuinely interested in providing support at a local community level. Companies that show generosity at Venture Centre events spark more human interest and appeal.

Distribute Samples or Trial Offers

“Test market” before investing in a major marketing campaign. Consider giving trial offers to attendees in exchange for honest feedback, providing useful information and allowing your company to adjust accordingly.


Event Database Lists, Distribution Channels, Broadcast Opportunities... The most valuable asset available to sponsors is a list of attendees. In some cases we may not be able to provide the contact list for privacy reasons. It can, however, be perfectly acceptable for Venture Centre to send out a marketing message on your behalf.

Venture Centre accepts sponsorship requests. If you would like to be involved and participate at some level, please send an email to to receive details on a variety of sponsorship packages


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