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Codebrite Kids is a school holiday programme to develop computer science skills. It is designed for primary and intermediate school aged children with little or no previous experience in computer programming and coding.

With the support of Powerco - Powering Local Talent

Having some basic coding skills allows a young person to peer into their laptop or tablet, see some of the magic that makes things work as they do.  Learning a computer programming language or several has many advantages, not only for future jobs and careers opportunities but also to learn strategies for solving problems, designing projects, and communicating ideas.

Codebrite series are developed and facilitated by carefully selected providers who operate locally and nationally.

Codebrite workshops provide a fun, supportive environment to learn the basics of Programming Environments.

Codebrite workshops activate intellectual curiosity, as well as creative, collaborative and problem solving skills through teaching the fundamentals with:

  • a focus on underlying concepts of programming language
  • a discovery through doing of basic concepts and principles
  • entry level robotics
  • a hands on approach

Codebrite workshops are:

  • self paced
  • aged appropriate
  • facilitated by professionals.

All walk away with resources and tools to continue learning and make new friends!


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up to one day
Max 20 per session
see codebrite.nz