Last year, as part of Tauranga Startup Weekend, a group of social entrepreneurs formed a company and became known as CLOser. They pitched an idea to solve one of the most critical problems facing a large number of New Zealanders now, and in the future – housing.

Over the weekend they worked on and pitched their solution for alternative housing, centred around creating community, sharing resources and connection, using co-housing principles.

It’s been a year since the event and Venture Centre, along with Akina and BayTrust have been providing enterprise building support to the hardworking team to progress their concept. On the eve of the next Tauranga Startup Weekend – in 2018 focused entirely on impact – we thought we’d update you with the latest from team member and architect, Bobbie Cornell. See what they’ve been up to, where they are at and what they’ve learned along the way...

Leonie has been in the business of turning ideas into commercial realities for over 15 years. 

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