Powering On - What is it and why did we create it?

You may have seen recently that Venture Centre has launched a site called Powering On. Chances are you’ve stumbled across our site, either because you saw something in your local paper, or on one of our Facebook pages. Or maybe a friend or family member told you about it. Either way, we know you’re probably wondering what Powering On is and why we created it.

One of the things we’re really passionate about is connecting locals, and enabling digital empowerment. What do we mean by digital empowerment? We mean giving you the digital tools to help you and your business be better. Tools that will free you up to focus on your core business, whatever that may be. And free you up to spend more time doing what you love - whether that’s building you business, hanging with family or exploring this beautiful region we’re lucky enough to call home.

Technology is a wonderful thing and we firmly believe that, when used correctly, it can make your life a whole lot better.

We’re also really passionate about the Bay of Plenty region and creating an environment where entrepreneurs thrive. We are nurturing into life an entrepreneurial ecosystem, centred around our people, with a culture of trust and collaboration.

We want our entrepreneurs and local businesses to be able to quickly and easily find the information, tools and resources they need to help them grow, regardless of which stage of development they’re at.

This is where Powering On comes in.

Not only will our cool, 10-minute assessment tool help you work out which stage your business is at with its digital resources, and where it needs work, but we also have a handy directory of local digital experts who can help you improve or upskill where you need to.

We can also help with events. If you’re a digital expert and want to hold a training event or workshop for the community, share your knowledge and skills, we have the venues lined up across the Bay and can help you get the word out.

If you’re a business or individual in need of training, keep an eye on our events page to see what workshops we have coming up.

See? Easy access to resources and tools, connecting people. It’s all at the heart of what we do here. We’re helping build a Bay of Plenty where our businesses thrive and are world leaders at what they do. And we believe Powering On can help you do that. If you have any questions or just want to say hi, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Venture Centre works to connect people on enterprising journeys - with each other and the mindset, skillset, toolsets, networks and resources they need, to build an ecosystem that delivers real-world learn-by-doing events, activities, projects and experiences, and more. It would not be possible without the support of Tauranga City and Western Bay of Plenty District Councils.

If you would like to add your support or get involved with this work to help build entrepreneurially capable, digitally and commercially empowered communities who contribute and benefit from the resulting prosperity and wellbeing, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to email us at info@venturecentre.co.nz.

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