Introducing Techweek 2018 Leading Change speaker - Michael Elwood-Smith

Michael Elwood-Smith, Loomio co-founder, will present at the Leading Change event about impact investing at Techweek Tauranga on May 25. Michael Elwood-Smith, Loomio co-founder, will present at the Leading Change event about impact investing at Techweek Tauranga on May 25.

Announcing Techweek Tauranga guest speaker at Leading Change in Regional New Zealand – Impact Investing in the future of Bay of Plenty/Waikato. Meet Michael Elwood-Smith from Loomio, who will be the guest Social Enterprise co-founder presenting at this event on Friday, May 25, at Basestation, Tauranga.

Introducing Michael Elwood-Smith from Loomio. Michael has been executive director, co-operative member and founding board member of Loomio since 2013. His work includes customer and business development, growing a sustainable business model to generate social impact globally. He will be presenting at the Leading Change event as part of Techweek Tauranga at the end of this month.

The Leading Change event will discuss about what it’s like to make a change in the world, needing capital to scale your impact and dealing with investors… along with the importance of finding those aligned to your mission who don’t divert your social purpose, and much, much more!

So what is Loomio? It’s a successful Kiwi social enterprise which believes that giving everyone an opportunity to participate in decisions that affect them helps contribute to a more inclusive society. It is a software as a service app which creates a safe place to have considered discussions and make decisions, away from social media. It's a secure and searchable archive of discussions, decisions, and files.

Working teams, boards, committees and trusts use Loomio as an online meeting place to discuss and make decisions between meetings; reducing email confusion, saving time, enabling clear outcomes and keeping everything in one place, Michael says.

"We're in the global software industry, one of the most competitive markets, so we must keep innovating to keep ahead of the game."

Loomio launched in 2013 and raised $1m in impact investment, in several forms, from mission-aligned investors to enable customer and product development.  Next steps are to raise new capital for targeted market growth and enterprise customer support.

"I can't stress enough the importance of developing a sustainable business model," Michael says.

He also co-runs Victoria University’s entrepreneur summer boot-camp programme, mentors emerging startup teams and has coached teams in Ākina Foundation’s Launchpad programme.

"I’m excited to be part of the Leading change event,” he says. "It’s so great to see community and local investors coming together to support Social Enterprise founders to create much-need change in our world.”

Click here for more information about the Leading Change event at Techweek Tauranga and to register your spot.

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