GrowPlenty: what to expect at the workshop?

How might we ‘grow plenty’ of ideas which “do good for the world”?

How might we ‘grow plenty’ of young entrepreneurs who are willing to take those ideas forward?
GrowPlenty – Puna Tōnuitanga is about making a start answering these questions during Techweek18 on 21 and 22 May.

If you care at all what the future will be like, how it can be improved, how you will be able to work, and want to influence and play a part in it, as well as experience being a futurist for the day, join one of the four GrowPlenty – Puna Tōnuitanga workshops. All of our community is invited to come together and generate ideas

You don’t have to be a techy-type to attend. All ages (15y/o +) with all interests (creative, social, cultural, math, science, tech, business, governance and investment) are invited to attend, connect and discuss the future, alongside entrepreneurs and technologists.
So what will happen at GrowPlenty? 

Here is how you will explore how the world and society could evolve.

1- Choose one of the four workshops available. You can come more than once if you want: the format is the same each time, but the content will depend on who is in the room!

2- Once at the workshop you’ll hear from Experts working on exciting science, space technologies, robotics … Read more about them here
With their short presentations, they will introduce four themes that matter for our future: energy, earth air and water, what we grow, how we grow and distribute it.

3- You will break out into a smaller group and be guided by ‘Cartographers of the Future’ Peter Salmon and Dean Ogilvie from SO™ to explore how these themes might evolve in these four possible 'new world' scenarios:

What if commerce, rapid innovation, technological, economic change and growth remain key global drivers together with capitalism and individualistic lifestyles?

• Scenario 2 - SHARED & COOPERATIVE World
What if the upper limits of growth have been reached and new ways of evolving have become imperative, where sharing, co-working, living and repurposing are essential for continued longer term growth?

• Scenario 3 - SMALL & INTERDEPENDENT World
What if the meaning of life is truly being challenged individually and collectively?

• Scenario 4 - GOVERNMENT & MANDATED World
What if big government is in charge, focused on regulation and austerity, and is responding to the prolonged international trade and finance instability and lack of action over climate change?

4- Finally we’ll come back together, share the ideas generated and start dotting ways of contributing to the future we want to see.

So keen to be a futurist for the day?
Book a place for yourself, your team and/or your teens at a GrowPlenty Workshop - May 21 & 22, 1-4pm & 5-8pm

Follow this link to book https://www.businessaxis.nz/growplenty2018
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