The Future of Business is Local

As you are gaining clarity and figuring out your next move, or pausing to refocus, it is amazing to witness the formation of communities of business owners and experts stepping in to support one another as a response to the uncertainty and challenges created by the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Those emerging communities, strong on skills, expertise and execution, are adding massive value to business owners by being present and accessible and placing focus on local talent supporting local businesses.

Born just in time from need and humanity, these collective actions are contributing to strengthening our entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing a fresh, relevant addition to the existing (and ramped-up) Government funded business support services.

Weather the Storm


Who they are: Expert Advisors network including accounting, insurance, human resources, legal, marketing, business finance and more

Mission: to help New Zealand's 480,000+ self-employed and small business owners take immediate action to mitigate the effects of this economic downturn.
Who for: sole traders and small business owners

How: Face to face (via screen) advice with local experts

The “Plus”: 
Downloadable resources and tools

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Locals Supporting Locals


Who they are: Local service providers and specialists collaborating to support other business owners.

Mission: to create a space to turn the plethora of information currently being made available into concrete practical steps so that you can make decisions and take action.

Who for: small business owners

How: 1 hour weekly panel presentation with expert guests on topics affecting small businesses,, updates by financial advisor, advice by digital specialist and people and culture coach.

The “Plus”: active Facebook group to ask questions and connect with other business owners.

Together Stronger


Mission:  to create a business community where those who need help, and those who can offer it, connect and support each other through the COVID-19 crisis.

How: by members of the business community pledging their time, skills and resources to do meaningful work for businesses-in-need, for no charge.

Who for: business owners and operators

The “Plus”: a ZERO COST pledge to the person being helped

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Impact Hub Waikato _ Impact support series


Who they are: Part business incubator and part innovation lab, we offer our local members unique opportunities to collaborate, seek resources, and gain inspiration

Mission: to create a space to turn the plethora of information currently being made available into concrete practical steps so that you can make decisions and take action.

Who for: social entrepreneurs

How: weekly webinars targeted toward helping you keep your business on track.

The “Plus”: free membership for 3 months

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This community activity and its intent make us at Venture Centre more than ever determined and committed to be a part of building an ecosystem that allows for the fast flow of talent, information, and resources, helping entrepreneurs and small business owners quickly find what they need when they need it.



Who they are: PoweringON is a programme developed by Venture Centre,  a community led platform of entrepreneurship and digital enablement support.

Mission: Helping entrepreneurs and business owners thrive with digital

How: online digital assessment, expert Office Hours digital navigator clinics, free and low cost workshops
The “Plus”: grow your digital competence and connect directly to local digital service providers

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So now what? Take time to get to know these communities and their members by joining in their calls, following their social media, observing their moves, finding out about their backgrounds and reach out to either or all when you are ready.  

He waka eke noa. We are all in this together.

Venture Centre is committed to supporting the digital and entrepreneurial capabilities of our community.

If you are interested in receiving support for your business venture in the area of digital or to reframe your business model, contact us at info [at] venturecentre.co.nz

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