Three Opportunities to Take Meaningful Action

To unprecedented unprecedented action. It is fantastic to see entrepreneurial support organisations, innovators and entrepreneurs throughout Aotearoa come together. 

Tens are volunteering time, skills and know how to bring our communities opportunities to take impactful action to address challenges presented by COVID-19 and uncover opportunities.
Venture Centre is partnering with the three national events below, and you are invited to join in, add your magic and flex your entrepreneurial superpowers in either (or all!) of them.

Hack the Crisis NZ

#HacktheCrisisNZ is a 100% virtual event in collaboration with Callaghan Innovation and our wider startup community across the country, in response to the current pandemic. Our challenge is to design, test and bring to life innovative ideas for life in New Zealand beyond COVID-19. All in 48 hours.
Ideas can come from anywhere, so we’re calling on Kiwis across the country: developers, designers, educators, mums, engineers, students, non-profit organisations, CEOs and librarians. We want people to jump in, sleeves rolled up, ready to outthink, out-design and out-maneuver this crisis.
Hack the Crisis NZ is focussing on problem solving in the following areas:
Secondary wellbeing measures such as resilience and wellbeing
Connecting people and communities
Protecting and supporting businesses

17-19 April 2020
Submissions and registrations are open now. www.hackthecrisis.nz

Virtual Impact Unconference

There’s never been a better time to consider what we want the future to look like in Aotearoa, and how we can work together to get there. Let’s get out of our silos and embrace radical collaboration to co-design our collective future!
An unconference is a participant-driven event where there's no pre-set agenda. It is co-designed, co-hosted and delivered by participants. Curious and keen to add value? Sign up to be part of it now. Tickets are limited and going fast.

24 April
All information and Registrations https://www.impactunconference.nz/

Global Online Startup Weekend Covid-19 | Aotearoa

A 54 hour event for everyone, from marketers, designers and developers, to sector professionals, to collaborate and build on an idea that will actively seek to find unique ways for our country to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic in Aotearoa. We want to move beyond PPP and first response and focus on addressing post lockdown challenges.
Show your interest at this Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/373294033647296/ to get all the updates.
24- 26 April 2020
Ready to sign up? Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/techstars-global-online-startup-weekend-unite-to-fight-covid-19-new-zealand-0420-tickets-102033896130

Look forward to seeing you (via screen) at either or all of these events! And please share these opportunities to anyone you think will want to join in.

Venture Centre is an entrepreneurship support organisation and it delivers on its mission to increase ethical entrepreneurship by curating and coordinating programmes and events designed to grow talent locally.

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