Why co-working and collaboration works

Co-working is a powerful movement.

It sits alongside many new trends.

The trend towards a collaborative economy where solutions are sourced from a collaboration of individuals with particular specialties, making their unique contribution to projects as and when they are required.

The trend towards working ‘in the cloud’, on information, applications and using systems and communication platforms accessed via the internet.

And the trend towards specialisation, where so called ’T’ shaped people work to develop a unique depth of expertise in one particular area or skills with a particular set of tools, and just enough ‘general knowledge’ to know where their specialty can add maximum value.

While this is not dissimilar to the way small businesses and sole-agents (who used to be called sole-traders) or freelancers have always operated, the addition of co-working and collaboration spaces to the working lives of these individuals and small groups has brought significant advantage.

They bring the dual benefits of network effects and synergy. They have the potential to make the people who chose to make co-working spaces the centre of their operations out perform those who chose to work from home, alone.

The network effect that one user of a product or service has on the value of that product to other people is obvious when talent co-locates. Synergy – the ability of a group of people to outperform even its best individual member – can make sense and a big difference in terms of outcomes, increasing the prosperity and impact of small businesses and sole agents on the customers they service.

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