Founder of digital agency Syntropics Aimee leaves Wellington for the weekend to come to Tauranga and share her keen interest in getting people started

Sam is Tauranga raised and he is back in town and keen to share a ton of entrepreneurial know-how, honed both nationally and internationally.

Lenz has been part of the Startup scene since the first .com bubble back in the late 90s. And still doing it.

Comvita’s message about Tauranga Startup Weekend from a corporate perspective 

Courtney, founder of Happylocal, stops by and shares a few learnings from her Tauranga Startup Weekend experience

What’s your latest excuse for not jump starting your new career, asking for and getting that promotion or finally starting up your new business? 

When asked to comment on his participation in Tauranga Startup Weekend 2015 Brad Barr seized the opportunity...

For a new business to form you need more than just theory... 

The organizing team is buzzing as preparations are well under way to bring this unique event back to Tauranga.

Who makes it happen?

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