Daniela is an unconventional angel investor.

James Hoseason, who migrated from Britain in 2011, brings his knowledge of international consumer-facing markets and networks to the Angel@mytable event. 

Trevor is a self-confessed “Uber Geek” and passionate angel investor with the AngelHQ group based in Wellington.

What do angel investors think, what do they look for, why do they invest?

Mashup 2016 has been and gone and what a time we’ve had!

Critical relaxation and rejuvenation

Beta customers for food allergy and dietary requirements planning service #foodissues

Beta customers to list local events #listlocalevents

Important for everyone – develop writing and editing skills #FREEworkshop #editingwriting

Support council funding to digitally enable people in Tauranga and Western Bay #DEPtga #DEPwbdc

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