Shane Stuart knows a thing or two about what makes ideas fly...

Tauranga is one of roughly 200 cities around the world expected to host a Startup Weekend event between 13-22 November.

If all you have is an idea for how to grow your business and you've done nothing about it then here's bad news...

Entrepreneurship and innovation are two words Andrew knows first hand.

Phil is not your typical business coach...

Senior Solicitor Tom Elvin recently returned to Tauranga to find a fresh and dynamic environment.

Local businesses rally together to offer yet another great reason to take part in Startup Weekend.

After hearing the question ‘Is Startup Weekend for me?’ over and over, Andy wanted to share his perspective.

Suse Reynolds is driven by her enthusiasm to play a key role in the promotion of New Zealand excellence. 

When startup punk Lenz Gschwendtner is around, be sure all your established assumptions about companies will be challenged.

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