Where are you going?

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The sun’s out. The sky is blue and we’ve reached the perfect spot to reflect on where we have been, how far we’ve come and where we want to go. We’ve got just over 8760 hours till the next significant rest stop like today's...

One of the most important processes we step people through at Venture Centre is Idea Validation. Now is your chance to learn from one of the world's experts at upcoming Validation Workshop with expert guest Peter Simon on February 2nd, 2016.

Recently settled in Tauranga, Karol Laska chooses to immerse as a mentor to get to know the local community.

Malcolm has more than a feel for the 'real world', he's immersed in it!

Congratulations. You're in business!


Give #tgasw15 a go!

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Tech couple is excited to be TGSW mentors and see it as a natural extension for them. Giving back is one of the reasons they came home to Tauranga.

Shane Stuart knows a thing or two about what makes ideas fly...

Tauranga is one of roughly 200 cities around the world expected to host a Startup Weekend event between 13-22 November.

If all you have is an idea for how to grow your business and you've done nothing about it then here's bad news...

Entrepreneurship and innovation are two words Andrew knows first hand.

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