Venture Centre hosted Better Rules Hack over the weekend of the 28-29 July.

We often get asked why Venture Centre is so focused on building an ecosystem for entrepreneurs to support them to start new enterprises. Here’s a wee slice of an explanation why.

Last year, as part of Tauranga Startup Weekend, a group of social entrepreneurs formed a company and became known as CLOser. They pitched an idea to solve one of the most critical problems facing a large number of New Zealanders now, and in the future – housing.

Over the weekend they worked on and pitched their solution for alternative housing, centred around creating community, sharing resources and connection, using co-housing principles.

It’s been a year since the event and Venture Centre, along with Akina and BayTrust have been providing enterprise building support to the hardworking team to progress their concept. On the eve of the next Tauranga Startup Weekend – in 2018 focused entirely on impact – we thought we’d update you with the latest from team member and architect, Bobbie Cornell. See what they’ve been up to, where they are at and what they’ve learned along the way...

The Social Innovation Opportunity is right now. And so is your chance to gain more awareness of social innovation and how it can be fostered locally to address the big issues our world is facing.


TGASW17 Concepts #TBT

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It’s been a year since eight awesome concepts were developed into enterprises at Tauranga Startup Weekend 2017. Let’s check them out! 

Connectivity, sharing and support are all that’s needed to make change happen. And Tauranga Startup Weekend is just perfect to accelerate this.

In the same amount of time, I started up a new business with a team of strangers… and more than 210,000 others have done the same all over the world.

How might we deliver more digital and entrepreneurial youth programmes, further and in more diverse places in our community?


Better Rules Hack

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Attending the Horizon State get-together (June 29th at TheBasement@Basestation) is a great launchpad for getting involved in an event where you can get hands-on and create digital technology to improve the democratic processes which affect you – as business owners and community leaders.

How can digital democracy can make dealing with government easier, quicker, more efficient? Learn how Horizon State is tackling a key roadblock – voting – and what that means for dealing with other decisions government makes on your behalf.

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