Local charities and not-for-profits who are feeling lost or overwhelmed in the digital world will soon find the help they need, thanks to partners Socialink and Venture Centre, with technology consultant Bryan Winters.

Venture Centre’s coworking space, Basestation, has always been a key part of its mission. But why is that? Why does coworking even matter? We asked Venture Centre co-founder Steven Vincent to explain why.

Millennials are the largest living generation, with more than 1 million Kiwis in this age bracket. With that in mind, here are the Rosie Dawson-Hewes’ easiest ways to get the best out of your millennial team, based on Savvy Peterson’s data and Rosie’s experience, as both a millennial employee and manager.

Tauranga is, in many ways, at the forefront of a shift towards social enterprises. More and more we’re seeing businesses prioritise causes and community before profits and Not-for-profits look for sustainable economic engines to support their work, rather than rely on funders. As entrepreneurs increasingly move into this space, we’re determined to give them all the support, learning opportunities and networks they need to succeed.

On March 8 a new round of CO.STARTERS begins, with a whole new batch of locals ready to pick the brains of our entrepreneurial experts, who will mentor them along the way. One of the CO.STARTERS facilitators is the lovely Maria King, who we had a chat with about her journey and why she got involved.

CO.STARTERS is a place where people come together to start businesses together. And nine entrepreneurs will be doing just that come March, when the second CO.STARTERS@Venture Centre course takes place.

Kurt Cordice was among the first to complete CO.STARTERS@Venture Centre. Read his take on it...


Codebrite returns in 2018

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As we begin the school holidays, parents across the region are no doubt wondering how on earth they’re going to entertain their kids all the way through until the end of January.

Have you had FOMO since you missed out on Ace the Gram's amazing Powering On workshops at Basestation last month? Don't worry, our friends at Likeable have rounded up all the best bits for you.

You may have seen recently that Venture Centre has launched a site called Powering On. Chances are you’ve stumbled across our site, either because you saw something in your local paper, or on one of our Facebook pages. Or maybe a friend or family member told you about it. Either way, we know you’re probably wondering what Powering On is and why we created it.

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