Action trumps idea everytime #mentor #tgasw17

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Getting energy from ideas and solving problems bring Christian to the event.

With almost 20 years experience in digital and data commercialisation, Christian Sykes is passionate about creating technology to collect, enrich, and distribute information that makes life better. Having worked with companies like Google, Facebook, and Xero, he knows the following to be true: Action trumps idea every time.

Tell us a bit about your dealings with the entrepreneurial world so far
I have worked for a few start-ups that have grown well and been acquired, and have been an advisor to a few more. I'm currently a director/advisor for Thundermaps, purveyors of the best safety software in the world. It's epic, as rather than just focus on compliance, it actually makes people safer. Nobody else actually does that and there is value in it. I am also Founder of a very new start up called Forwod, which scientifically quantifies Fitness, and I am also NZ Country Manager for a data & analytics consultancy called Datalicious.

Tell us a bit about why and how you can help (the skills and expertise you bring, your passion for etc)
I've worked in the digital and data worlds for a long time, and have been able to work with some outstanding companies in every industry imaginable. I love talking through challenges and potential solutions. I am energised by ideas, and then actually solving problems.

Tell us a bit about why you think TGASW is a good thing?
Startup Weekend is hard. Very hard. But therein lies its greatness. It's not Mickey Mouse, it's very real and very intense. It showed me firsthand that people are everything. I'm not kidding, it hurt to do it. But that environment with so many different kinds of people, and so many challenges helps you see the good and bad parts of yourself and work to find a way through and get things done. It's the best kind of place to do that, as there isn't much at risk. It's like a simulator for the real world. Get amongst it.

Get support from those who have been before!

Jump in on 11-13 August and get your ticket Tauranga Startup Weekend  here

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