Mentors Superpowers #tgasw17

Written by  swteam

TGASW17 multi-skilled mentors bring a wealth of experience, skills and perspectives to the event. 

Here is the list of mentors, their superpowers, conveniently organised in their 'SuperPower Team' so that you know who to call on for what.

For the sake of making it easy for participants to leverage the mentors' input, each mentor's superpowers is loosely summed up below and the mentors fall in one of six SuperPower Teams:

Peeps Team = focused on personal fulfilment/advancement

Annie Romanos | People, team, mindset, getting past obstacles, individual strengths, finding personal drivers.

Randy Ng | People, team, mindset, working together

Comms Team = focused on engagement/articulation

Erika Harvey | Identifying true value proposition, creating a solid presentation, crafting and delivering a pitch

Jonny Lim | Empathetic research, user experience, user interface design

Jo Allum | Communication design and Mentor Wrangler

Geek Squad Team = technology 

Lisa Wong | Matching the right technology to the right problem, making the stack work together, solving challenges using automation

Christian Sykes | Technology enabled solutions, commercialisation

Andy van der Gugten | Teamwork, getting most important things done

Money Penny Team = financial modelling/viable sustainability

Mike Barton | Financial forecasting, revenue modelling, data analysis

Rose-Anna Feist | Financial forecasting, revenue modelling, data analysis, planning

Suits Team = business modelling/analysis

Allison Munns | Data analysis, business model finding, articulation of findings and value

Julian So | Business model finding, articulation of value, pitching

Paul Dow | Business development, sales

Travellers Team = on their entrepreneurial journey now/covering all bases 

Anne Blakeway | Identifying value, business modelling for profit, fulfilling the brand promise

Sam Kidd | Business model, prototype, sanity check, team work

Jose Ganga | Organising tasks, using technology to create value, business modeling, processes and systems, technology strategy and business analyst.

Thank you to all Tauranga Startup Weekend 2017 generous sponsors for supporting the ultimate grassroot entrepreneurship experience !

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