TGASW17 Concepts #TBT

Written by  VC Team

It’s been a year since eight awesome concepts were developed into enterprises at Tauranga Startup Weekend 2017. Let’s check them out! 

Student Artist Collective (SAC) -
A community of like-minded creatives, providing their craft to the public.

Honesty.im -
The future of peer-to-peer local living.

Aisle One-
A shopping tool that revolutionises the way you navigate through a store.

NeoClean -
Specialist launderer’s servicing the adventure tourism market.

CLOser -
Providing affordable connected living opportunities to a diverse customer base.

Foody -
Connecting people through food.

Euphonic -
Connecting music learners to local musicians.

A Good Time for a Great Cause -
A social enterprise that raises money for local charities by putting on great, quality events.

So cool to see so many impactful ventures startup at last year’s event… And three still going strong!

All that’s left to ask is; what ventures will be born at this year’s Tauranga Startup Weekend | Impact?

Make change happen, make it your way by being a part of this!  Learn to start with Impact, with useful tools and leverage the Startup Weekend energy. All you need now is to secure your spot here!

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