Talented mentors bring tons of experience, skills and perspectives #tgasw18

Written by  TGASW Crew

Here is the list of mentors, their superpowers, conveniently organised in their 'SuperPower Team' so that you know who to call on for what. 

Peeps Team = focused on personal fulfilment/advancement
Doug Maarschalk| Communication, Teamwork, Connections

Comms Team = focused on engagement/articulation
Viv Conway | Marketing, Social Media, Communications
Tash Meys | Marketing, Social Media, Branding
Rachel Glasier | Impact articulation

Geek Squad Team = technology
Liat Reis | Technology, Entrepreneurial process
Ben Scott | Product development, Entrepreneurial process

Money Penny Team = financial modelling/viable sustainability
Paulina Roach | Financial sustainability, impact articulation
Leonie Gordon | Mentor wrangler, product development, financial sustainability

Suits Team = business modelling/analysis
Stu Fleming | Innovation, entrepreneurial process
Richard Chadderton | Finances, strategy
Alex McCall | Entrepreneurial process, impact articulation

Travellers Team = on their entrepreneurial journey now/covering all bases
Adam Reis | Technology, Entrepreneurial process
Casey Davies-Bell | Entrepreneurial process, social impact
Josh Saunders | Innovation, Entrepreneurial process

Want to get feedback from these mentors who have all been there and done that and can support you on your entrepreneurial journey?

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