Laura is a UX/UI designer at Springtimesoft Consulting, and cofounder of MUV Events with a love for sharing stories and connecting people. 

Jonny is passionate about collaborative and lean ways of working, which goes hand in hand with startup mentality. 

An entrepreneur, investor and director, Maria King's contribution or work has always been, and will always be, to enhance the safety, security and wellbeing of people. 

Nigel Tutt is Chief Executive of Priority One, the economic development agency for Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty. 

When asked about her experience as an entrepreneur, at first Anne questioned whether she can actually class myself as such...

What ideas would I like to see from Tauranga Startup Weekend participants?

Graham is always looking for the next (ad)venture...

Pauli Sosa, public relations and entrepreneur, will be co-facilitating Startup Weekend in Tauranga

Colart Miles, innovation coach and entrepreneur, will be co-facilitating Startup Weekend in Tauranga

Owain did just that!

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