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Beppie returned to Tauranga after 25 years in the corporate world both here in New Zealand and overseas.

Dr Alistair Scarfe (PhD, BE) earned a PhD in Industrial Automation

Tina is a connector and lateral thinker

Actually we are talking PitchES…

What gets Todd excited about startups is how 'people-centered' they can be

Director of Firefly Creative digital agency Liz Wood has a passion: bringing her clients online story to life

Sam is not only co-founder of NZ based legal software company, he's mentored at over fifteen Startup Weekend events... and counting!

“Good wifi and good food” are must-have ingredients for Startup Weekend secret sauce… 

You know when you've met Erika! Tons of knowledge, plenty of expertise, infectious enthusiasm, a listening ear... and sound reality checks.

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