“Good wifi and good food” are must-have ingredients for Startup Weekend secret sauce… 

You know when you've met Erika! Tons of knowledge, plenty of expertise, infectious enthusiasm, a listening ear... and sound reality checks.

Moira Moroney, Tauranga Startup Weekend Judge, lists ingredients for team success on the weekend...

'The main thing for an entrepreneur is that depth and passion of commitment' and this is something Carl experiences first hand every day.

As Client Manager Lauren Garrity helps individuals, private companies and other organisations build profitable businesses. What stands this Chartered Accountant out from the crowd is that she also runs her own business!

Serial entrepreneur Maria Stockman is volunteering a wealth of experience in multiple sectors and the whole process of starting, growing and exiting a business to the participants of Startup Weekend.

When a Chartered Accountant tells you TGASW is a good thing, you stop and listen!

How cool is that? Tauranga Startup Weekend is welcoming Pauli Sosa, Startup Weekend Community Leader and Global Facilitator as co-facilitator of its 2016 edition!

A successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, Kim’s reputation for solid, shrewd, common sense has won her many fans ...

One of the reasons Vazi signed up for Tauranga Startup Weekend last year was she'd experienced the vibe at another Startup Weekend: she was keen to get amongst it again.

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