As Business Librarian and Tauranga Startup Weekend organiser Michelle Sims puts it 'the section on start-up businesses gets a good going over each weekend so I am guessing there’s a group of budding entrepreneurs out there"

Civic tech guru and systems thinker Nick Williamson ready for yet another Startup Weekend, as a mentor this time!

Corporate lawyer Tanya Drummond knows a thing or two about entrepreneurship: she's been there done that...

How to Startup Weekend for Designers!

Successful serial entrepreneur, Lawvu co-founder and SW mentor extraordinaire Sam Kidd talks teams, opportunities and sanity checks.


What happens at #TGASW15?

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All you need to know about the event... in 90 seconds!

Bill Murphy, Enterprise Angels Executive Director, describes why Enterprise Angels is a Tauranga Startup Weekend Sponsor.

Carl Jones, WNT Ventures CEO and TGASW15 Judge, stresses the importance of building something people love & want!

The reality of turning your business from an idea in your head into a money-making venture, whether it's for social purposes or purely commercial, is that it's going to need capital.

You know when you've met Erika! Tons of knowledge, plenty of expertise, infectious enthusiasm, a listening ear... and reality checks.

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